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Submitted by guest blogger, Reuven Shelef, President of OUT OF THE BOX Consulting.   CRM solutions make big promises. Implement one well, and you’ll increase sales, improve support, and create loyal customers almost overnight. As a Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner, I know that’s not universally the case. Over the years, I’ve become familiar with what […]

Today I had a great 1:1 with Peter Shankman, the uber social networking guru, who has been spouting radically new ways of thinking about social media, PR, marketing, advertising, and customer service for years. What led to our conversation is his newest venture, Shankman|Honig, a customer service consultancy focused on getting companies to understand the […]

Understanding your customers’ needs and wants and getting inside their heads about what challenges they face so you can figure out how to be invaluable to them is hugely important to business success. This information is data, regardless of how you GET that data. Conducting your own surveys, interviewing your customers, or buying syndicated market data. Plain and simple, it’s just data.

In a recent discussion about obstacles to win loss research, we talked the fact that some companies just don’t do ANY research. Some of the reasons that companies don’t do research: Don’t trust their customers’ perspectives: Some companies are skeptical about their customers’ ability to be objective/overcome their biases.  Other companies consider their technology/concepts to […]

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