Win/Loss Research

Win/Loss Analysis Win/loss research can provide valuable insights:
  • Where customers look for your solution(s)
  • What their criteria are when evaluating solutions
  • How you stack up against your competitors
  • Typical applications of your products/services
  • And more…
  Why not do win/loss research yourselves?
  • Sales teams are not the best source of data about why you win or lose business.
  • The halo effect: when companies bring in a professional 3rd party to conduct win/loss analysis, both lost prospects and new customers react very positively and appreciate the investment being made to gather objective input.
  What is our process?
  1. We collaborate with you to adapt our proven win loss interview script to support your specific objectives.
  2. You provide us with a list of contacts for opportunities that have been won and lost in the past three months.
  3. An executive from your company sends an email to the contact list to inform them of the project, introduce The Insight Advantage, and encourage them to participate.
  4. We reach out to each contact to schedule 20-30 minute interviews – one interviewee per account.
  5. We conduct one-on-one telephone interviews over a four to six week period.
  6. We analyze the data collected via the interviews and present a consolidated report.
Beyond Sales Force

Going Beyond Salesforce to Improve Close Rates

Salesforce is the “go to” tool for salespeople, but it isn’t the best source of information about why you win or lose. Having an objective third party conduct interviews with the right contacts can provide incredible insights beyond what is in your CRM.




7 Good Reasons to Conduct Win/Loss Analyses

Win/loss analysis is one of the most powerful research activities an organization can do. By having follow-up conversations with new customers and prospects that didn’t choose your company, you can gather a wealth of information that will allow your organization to improve close rates and attract more customers.

Gordon Johnson

“I will continue to work with Jen to get crucial insights about our customers for as long as they let me!”

I’ve been doing win-loss research for most of my 25 years in marketing, but I have never worked with a better win-loss consultant than Jen. The research that she’s done for us has dispelled some myths about why customers are buying OR not buying and we’ve been able to fine tune our messaging and sales strategy as a result. In addition, Jen is a pleasure to work with, super-organized, proactive, hard-working and has always exceeded my expectations. I will continue to work with Jen and her team to get crucial insights about our customers for as long as they let me.

Gordon Johnson – VP of Marketing, Expertus Social & Virtual Learning, LMS

Want to know how your prospects evaluate your products/services and what your strengths and weaknesses are compared to your competitors? Call us to learn more about how we get the REAL story for our clients.

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